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Practice areas

Company Law

  • Do you require advice for the drafting of a watertight agreement to avoid legal problems later on?

  • Do you have a contractual dispute with a co-contractor?

  • Do you wish to enforce or terminate an agreement or declare it null and void?

  • Do you wish to issue attachment proceedings against your debtor or third parties?

  • Do you wish to receive payment for the services that you have rendered?

  • Do you wish to receive advice about the transfer of goodwill?

  • Do you have temporary payment problems and require protection from your creditors via the WCO (the Belgian Continuity of Enterprises Act) procedure?


Liability Law

  • Are you being held liable for an alleged misconduct or negligence when exercising your profession?

  • Do you require compensation for damages you have incurred, resulting from the unlawful behaviour of another person or authority?


Traffic Law, Insurance Law and Criminal Law

  • Have you received a summons to the police court as a result of a traffic infringement?

  • Do you wish to receive compensation following damages you have incurred as a result of a bad traffic manoeuvre? 

  • Does your assessment of a situation not coincide with that of your insurance company? Do you require a second opinion regarding the chances of success of a legal procedure? 

  • Have you incurred a physical injury? Do you wish to estimate the damages and receive appropriate compensation?

  • Is an insurance company taking recourse against you as a result of proven alcohol intoxication or drunkenness?


Employment Law and Social Security

  • Are you an employer and are you facing a social inspection relating to overtime or expense reports?

  • Are you an employee and have you been dismissed for an urgent reason or because of a restructuring?

  • Are you an employer and do you wish to dismiss an employee?

  • Do you wish to apply for a work permit for an overseas employee?


Construction Law

  • Are you a sub-contractor and is the main contractor or client neglecting to pay you?

  • Are you a contractor and do you wish to terminate a building contract with a sub-contractor because of a breach of contract while executing his professional activities?

  • Do you wish to draw up a watertight building contract?

  • Has your architect made a conceptual error when drawing up the plans?


Administrative Law and Spatial Planning

  • Have you requested a building permit which was rejected unlawfully by your local authority?

  • Are you a civil servant and have you received a disciplinary sanction?

  • Have you been fined for an environmental law infringement and do you wish to challenge this?

  • Is a municipal spatial structure or development plan threatening your company’s future operations?

  • Do you wish to be informed about your right of pre-emption?

  • Do you risk being dispossessed of your residential property or holiday home?

administratief recht
onroerend goed

Real Estate and Civil Law

  • Have you bought some real estate and discovered hidden defects afterwards?

  • Have you concluded a mutual contractual promise of purchase and sale but the prospective buyer is not keeping his promise of payment?

  • Are you being seriously impacted by your neighbour’s behaviour and do you want this to stop?


Rental Law

  • Are you a landlord and is your tenant refusing to pay on time?

  • Have you been summoned before the justice of the peace because the rented property is allegedly not in good condition?

  • Do you wish to have a commercial lease drawn up or checked?


Commonhold Law

  • Are you a co-owner and do you require assistance in a conflict with one or several co-residents or the property manager?

  • Are you a property manager and are you confronted with members of the association of co-owners that are unjustifiably failing to pay costs?


Family Law and Family Estate Law

  • Are you involved in the settlement and distribution of an estate and do you require assistance with this? 

  • Do you wish to contest the legality of a will?

  • Do you wish to draw up a custody settlement for your children or do you require help in drawing up an agreement by mutual consent?

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